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A business account is a special feature that gives you an account analytics on likes and comments of all your posts. it also allowes more details on your profile.

To get a business account you have to be eligible.

  • 1 - You must have 50 followers or more.
  • 2 - You must have 30 posts or more.
  • 3 - You must be following 50 users or more.
  • 4 - You much follow fumigram main account.
  • When you're eligible place a business account request and in 3 hours time your application will receive a responce.

    Verification of your profile takes place after 3 hour or more upon request. To be eligible for placing a verification request you must have met the following requirements!

  • 1 - You must have 100 followers
  • 2 - You must be following 100 users
  • 3 - You must have 50 posts.
  • 4 - You must have a verfied email.
  • 5 - You must follow fumigram main account.
  • When requesting for verification include a message on why you want to be verfied and a photo of you. as for passport or Id, include your favourite anime or manga character.

    The creation of blogs is not open to users for the time being for we are still updating and fixing other things. it will be open to users soon...

    No. for now android app isn't available and will be coming soon...

    Get to know why we're here

    Fumigram is here for you!

    Fumigram is provided free of charge mainly for anime activities. we believe that animation deserves to have a social community of their own and that it would help bring fans together in one place.

    To read more about why this services is for such purposes please see to About Us sub page.

    I love the world of anime and everything in it. watching anime has always bring me confort and joy no matter how I feel. If you feel the same way then you're in the right place. Hope you have fun. Best Regards :)

    Andrew Frankspartts
    Founder at Fumigram
    ( 5 starts for me )

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    Andrew Frankspartts

    Founder - at Fumigram

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    Consultant & Manager - at Fumigram

    Andy Reach

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